Professional, cost-effective private investigator in MA, CT or RI.

If you're considering hiring a private investigator, you'll appreciate the
professionals at Discovery Services Investigations. We've conducted
hundreds of investigations for clients in MA, CT and RI.

With our extensive network of professional investigators, we can assist you
with an inveswtigation just about anywhere in the continental USA.

Discovery Services Investigations has earned a solid reputation for investigative effectiveness.
And, for client results.
Don't settle for a less-than-seasoned, experienced, licensed private investigator.
Whether you need a private investigator inMA, CT or RI, an experienced, professional
private investigator is available for you.

Call Discovery Services right now, at 413-788-4988

investigator MA, CT and RI

Here's an important fact you may not even be aware of:
Most PI agencies can legally assign your case to an inexperienced, unlicensed, part-time employee.
And, they probably will as most agencies assign their best investigators to their best clients.
Unfortunately, it's unlikely you'll ever qualify as "one of their best clients"..

When your case is handled by DDIscovery Services Investigations, ONLY an
experienced, licensed private investigator will conduct your investigation.

investigator MA, CT and RI

Our MA licensed private investigators have successfully conducted investigations for some
of the largest insurance companies in New England. We provide investigative services to
criminal defense attorneys, businesses, municipalities, insurance companies
and private parties in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

And, we spend a lot of time helping regular folks.
People just like you.

People who deserve to know the truth.

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Massachusetts private investigator

If you've retained an attorney:
When our investigator works directly with your attorney, you maximize the
potential benefits because together, we can focus attention on acquiring the
information and proof that will best serve your case.

If your attorney need a private investigator in MA, CT or RI, Discovery
Services Investigations has a network of experienced private investigators available to assist.
investigator MA, CT and RI

You / your attorney should call Discovery Services Investigations because:
You need an experienced, MA private investigator to work your case -not a trainee or other unlicensed employee.
You need a private investigator who utilizes the latest in digital equipment and covert, body-worn video cameras.

You deserve a MA private investigator that will be objective and
effective when submitting a courtroom testimony.

investigator MA, CT and RI

Attorneys and private parties hire private investigators for many reasons.
Private MA investigator

Some hire a private investigator to conduct surveillance, or locates someone.
But most hire private investigators to get the truth...
so you can make your best and most informed decisions.

Investigator MA marital

You need to know the truth so you can make the right decisions for you and for those you love.
Call a private investigator at Discovery Services Investigations right now.
We're here at: (413) 788-4988

We are also MA certified CPCS investigators.
investigator MA, CT and RI

What to expect from Discovery Services Investigations (MA, CT & RI):

Our licensed MA private investigator will conduct your investigation in a timely, cost-effective manner.
The investigative report will be prepared by your private investigator for your use in court.
Your investigator will keep you informed of the progress of your investigation.

Two reasons Discovery Services private investigators is your best choice:
A licensed private investigator in MA can hire inexperienced help.
A typical practice is to hire a college student with a major in criminal justice for $20-25/hour,
but charging you $60-70.00/hour. Or more.

#2: Our private detectives are licensed, bonded and insured in Massachusetts and Connecticut,
with a minimum of 20 years of experience.

investigator MA, CT and RI

Care should be taken in choosing the private detective that is worthy of serving you.
We want you to be well-informed.
Please refer to our FAQ's (frequently asked questions) for private investigators (MA, CT)
And, if you're still unsure? Read some advice about... "How to hire a MA private investigator."

investigator MA, CT and RI

Let an experienced, professional MA private investigator conduct your confidential investigation.
We'll design an effective investigative plan to get the information you need -in the most cost-effective manner.
Because: You make your best decisions when you know the truth.
They may not be your favorite decisions, but they will be your best.


Call a professional Massachusetts private investigator now at (413) 788-4988.

The peace you need.
The truth you deserve.
CAll a MA private investigator

Call us today! (413) 788-4988

investigator MA, CT and RI
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Confidentiality is assured.
Quality is guaranteed.
Available 24 / 7

MA Private Investigator Lic #: LP0768A/CT. License #: I-2171

investigator MA, CT and RI

Discovery Services: a Massachusetts private investigation agency that clients rely on, and trust.
Invest in your future. Call us and speak with an experienced MA private investigator today.
CPCS certified by the Commonwealth of MA.

investigator MA, CT and RI

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