These are questions people often ask when calling a MA private investigator for the first time:

1) How much will it cost to hire a private investigator?
2) I've never called a private investigator before. What should I be aware of?

Since these are important questions, they deserve a complete answer...:

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Our rates begin at $ 60/hour and $ .50 per mile.
A retainer of $500 is required, prior to beginning an investigation.
There is -some- flexibility in the retainer, depending on the assignment.
There is a 4-hour/day minimum on most cases, also depending on the nature of the case.

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Factors affecting a SURVEILLANCE assignment:
If the private investigator is hired for a domestic infidelity case, and the client knows the time,
date and hotel where the cheater will be, then, the surveillance investigation can be successfully
completed in a single evening, and at minimal expense.
But of course, this never happens...so estimating the expense becomes dependant of several factors

To better assess the ease/difficulty of your particular investigative needs, consider the following possibilities.

1) Can your MA private investigator view the premises/residence from a public
place for a prolonged period, without risking detection?
2) Is there on-street parking? How many exits are there and how easy will it be for
one private investigator to cover them? Do you know which exit would be the
most likely route the subject will take, when leaving?
3) Do you know much about the subject's routine? Will you be able to provide your
private investigator with advance notice?
5) Do you know the names and address of subject's significant others/ hang-outs?

These are just a few of the factors that will affect the private investigators (MA, CT) chances of success.

This is why you need an experienced investigator to personally handle your investigation.
At Discovery Services Investigation, our MA private investigators has over 20 years of experience
handling these kinds of investigative challenges.
We have the experience and expertise to jump any hurdles that might
block other less resourceful detectives.
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For a LOCATE/SKIP-TRACE assignment:
1) How old is the last known address for the individual? Are you be certain are you that your
information is still valid?
2) Is there any reason for this person to intentionally hide his/her whereabouts?
3) Do you know much about their lifestyle/significant others/relatives/hangouts/personal interests?

These factors and more can affect the potential success a MA private investigator may have.
Yet after all is said and done, it's the private investigator's experience that will be the
biggest factor in the success of your investigation.

To maximize the potential results of an investigation, choose a MA private investigator
that will make the most of time and resources.

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I've never called a MA private investigator before. What should I be aware of?

To protect yourself from those private investigation agencies that lack the experience you need,
verify your MA private investigator actually has a valid, active license.
Is the person conducting -your- specific investigation, a licensed investigator, or just an employee?
When you call Discovery Services Investigations you will only be serve by a licensed private investigator.

You will likely find that many private investigations are actually conducted by unlicensed employees.
In Massachusetts, a licensed PI can hire anyone they wish (providing they take due diligence in
conducting background and CORI checks, etc.)

You can verify a private investigators license in Massachusetts by contacting the State Police in Danvers MA (978) 538-6128.

2) When you are serious about proceeding with an investigation, be prepared to provide as
much information as possible.
This will not only increase your chances of positive results in your investigation, but also save you money.

3) Understand that there are certain circumstances beyond our control.
But, as an experienced MA private investigator, I know how to minimize the effect of these circumstances.

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Talk with an experienced MA private investigator today at 413.788.4988.
Speak with a compassionate, experienced private investigator who understands your
situation and will prepare a cost-effective investigative plan designed to fit your specific needs.

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Private Investigators are not like the investigators you see on television.

To better understand the challenges facing real MA private investigators, consider these examples:

SURVEILLANCE: Surveillance is not as easy as it appears.
If you stay directly behind the target, they may eventually notice you in their rear-view mirror.
If you are spotted then you've drastically reduced your chance for success.
Not just today, but at any time in the near future.
Because now the target is alert and much more aware...and knows what your
private investigators vehicle looks like.

So, what's the solution? Keep two or three vehicles behind the target?
Sure, but then you might find yourself behind an elderly person or someone else who drives slowly...
while the subject speeds ahead.
This is why you need an experienced MA private investigator.

When the subject drives through a yellow traffic signal that has now turned red...what do you do?
A trained, experiences professional private investigator knows what the most viable options are.

The point is: Surveillance can be quite difficult to do.
Discovery Services Investigations experienced private investigator in MA
can eliminate many of these obstacles.

Using a van for surveillance:
Private investigators on television often use van for conducting surveillance.
Certainly a van would be ideal if comfort was the primary goal, and not effectiveness.
Vans are easy to notice/recognize when the target looks in his/her rear-view mirror.
A van cannot "hide" in traffic the way smaller vehicles can.

And, if you're following a smaller vehicle on a long trip, your surveillance vehicle
will need to refuel before the target vehicle does.
That can be disastrous for a private investigators surveillance.

Conversely, geographical location may also influence its effectiveness.
For instance, a van in a beach town during tourist season might blend in better that an automobile.

Anytime children are involved, present or even in the vicinity of a surveillance,
a private investigator should take extra care.
An investigator must maintain complete discretion, so as not to cause undue concern.
That's why we reserve the right to use our experience and judgment regarding how and
when evidence is obtained.
Because the bottom line is that no matter what your investigative needs,
public safety is the over-riding consideration in every circumstance.

The good news is that, if you are a concerned parent in need of a MA private investigator
to document a parent-child interaction, the possibilities for doing so are plentiful.

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