What makes Discovery Services Investigations private investigators more effective?

1) Our MA private investigator begins by conducting "pre-investigation" research in order to be properly prepared.
It makes sense for a private investigator to conduct this research,, in order to
maximize the potential of investigative success.
We can search MA RMV records (when allowed by law), public and restricted information sources and databases,
newspaper articles, municipal records, criminal and court records, the internet, search social media,
just to name a few of the information sources that are available to our clients.

2) Your investigation will be professionally handled by a fully licensed MA or RI private investigator.
Not a trainee, or an inexperienced, unlicensed employee.

Any licensed, MA private investigator can hire an inexperienced person, just to increase profit margins.
Frequently, a MA private investigator will hire a college student that may be majoring in criminal justice,
and pay them $20/hour -while charging you $60/hour or more.

There is nothing wrong with this, however.
It makes perfect sense, and it is perfectly legal.
We just won't do it.

Wouldn't you prefer that your CT or MA private investigator was licensed and experienced?
Discovery Services Investigations uses licensed private investigators in
MA that are experienced in conducting investigations.

3) See your surveillance videos soon after they are obtained (for insurance claims).
Insurers need not wait for the CD/DVD/ to arrive in the mail.
Our MA private investigator will post your surveillance video on the internet
(on a secure web page; streaming video) for your immediate viewing.
Your legal counsel will really enjoy this service.

Call us today at (413) 788-4988.
Speak with a professional private investigator in MA to find out more what can be done to help you!

Discovery Services Investigations will design an effective, professional investigation that will
focus on getting the information you need.

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"Get the Truth. Get the Proof."

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